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Welcome to “absolutetapestry”.

“absolutetapestry” is an internet gallery presenting Norwegian tapestry art. The gallery contains some short texts that throw light on Norwegian tapestry art from a number of angles. In order to show the long line of unbroken tradition, there is an article on history.

The website’s emphasis is nevertheless on modern tapestry work. The authors have been given free rein to approach the subject as they see fit. Rather than present just a few artists we have preferred to give a cross-section of what is happening in this art form today.

It is our hope that this collection will stimulate interest for tapestry art in ways that might lead to exhibitions, commissions and increased recruitment to this form of expression. Tapestry art is a very time-consuming medium. “absolutetapestry” gives the public a unique opportunity to view the work of many very different artists.All in all, this website represents several hundred years of contemporary art.

Tove Pedersen, March 2003.

Editor: Tove Pedersen.


• Unn Sønju: © 2010 Norwegian Tapestry History. Tapestry artist and former Professor at Oslo University College.

• Randi Nygaard Lium: © 2003 Norwegian Tapestry History. Cand.philol. and Director at Trondheim Kunstmuseum.

• Jorunn Haakestad: © 2003 Public Art. Dr.art. and Director at the Vestlandske Kunstindustrimuseum.

• Peter Anker: © 2003 Artform. Mag.art in Arthistory, former Director at the Vestlandske Kunstindustrimuseum and Professor 2 at the University of Bergen.

• Tove Pedersen: © 2003 Flashback. Tapestry artist.

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